2018 Legislative Chart

2018 Legislative Chart

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Bill No. Prime Sponsor Title Committee  Position
HB 1101 Rep. Hinch Regulating groundwater pollution caused by emmissions in air Resources Monitor
HB 1104 Rep. Hinch Relative to fill and dredge deadlines Resources Support
HB 1210 Rep. Gauthier Establish committee to study effect f current use taxation Municipal Monitor
HB 1211 Rep. Gauthier Requires municipalities to allow or presite built housing Municipal Monitor
HB 1212 Rep. Gauthier Establishing a local option of commercial buildings with enviro liabiity Enviroment Monitor
HB 1215  Rep. Belanger Relative to voting on variance Municipal Oppose
HB 1226 Rep. True Relative to restricting watering awns through private wells Resources Support/card
HB 1254 Rep. Beaudoin Establishing committee on procedures or adopting building codes ED&A Monitor
HB 1255 Rep. Beaudoin Adopting the 2009 Life Safety Code from current 2015 edition ED&A Monitor
HB 1279 Rep. Graham Allowing additional charges for demand for rent Judiciary Support
HB 1317 Rep. Fromouth Exempting occupancies over 30 days from rooms and meals tax Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1359 Rep. Chirichiello Requires condo board to provide notice on FHA approval status Commerce Support 
HB 1371 Rep. Christiansen Relative to temporary seasonal docks Resources Monitor
HB 1436 Rep. Knirk Relative to lakes with shared borders Resources Oppose
HB 1463 Rep. Mathews Relative to noise ordinances Municipal Monitor
HB 1466 Rep. Webb Relative to quorums under condo act Commerce Monitor
HB 1472 Rep. MacKay Realtive to building codes for energy conservation ED&A Monitor
HB 1478 Rep. Chirichiello Reducing the rate on the tax on transfer of real property Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1485 Rep. Ammon Increasing maximum amount for security deposit Judiciary Support
HB 1490 Rep. Twombly Limits on money judgements in landlord/tenant cases Judiciary Support/card
HB 1512 Rep. Williams Relative to taxes applicable to transfers of real property Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1519 Rep. Webb Retention of ballots of condo associations Commerce Monitor
HB 1522 Rep. Webb Fiduciary duty of members of condo board of directors Commerce Monitor
HB 1533 Rep. Vose Relative to expiration of variances Municipal Oppose
HB 1548 Rep. Butler Relative to rooms and meals tax applicable to remarketers Ways & Means Monitor*
HB 1563 Rep. Oxenham Relative to taxation of solar energy systems Science Monitor
HB 1576 Rep. Williams Creating Asset Trusts for real property Judiciary Monitor
HB 1585 Rep. Graham Requires conservation commissions to keep inventory of open space Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1588 Rep. Webb Meetings of boards of condo associations Commerce Monitor
HB 1590 Rep. Messmer Realtive to PFCs in surface water Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1591 Rep. Messmer Relative to private right of action for toxin exposure Judiciary Monitor
HB 1592 Rep. Messmer Requiring DES Commissioner to revise rules related to arsenic Resource, Rec Monitor
HB1602 Rep. Williams establishing an assurance deed Commerce Monitor
HB 1607 Rep. Gagnon Relative to appointment of receiver for properties threat to health Commerce Monitor
HB 1609 Rep. Edgar Local option for occupancy surcharge under meals and rooms tax Ways & Means Oppose
HB 1610 Rep. McConnell Requires sellers to provide notice of environmental hazards Commerce Oppose
HB 1616 Rp. Ammon Relative to regional planning commissions Municipal Monitor
HB 1618 Rep. Messmer Relative to ambient water quality and PFCs Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1630 Rep. Cushing Relative to unfunded property tax exemptions Municipal Monitor
HB 1634 Rep. Butler Permitting towns to regulate disorderly houses Municipal Monitor*
HB 1635 Rep. Butler Allowing licenses for short-term rentals Commerce Oppose
HB 1645 Rep. Janigan Forwarding addresses of tenants in landlord tenant actions Judiciary Support/Card
HB 1648 Rep. Danielson Relative to JLCAR and final approval by legislature ED&A Monitor
HB 1655 Rep. Hynes Limits penalty for violations on residential property Municipal Support/Card
HB 1662 Rep. Macbeath Radon assessment prior to CO for new residential construction Commerce Oppose
HB 1673 Rep. Scully Relative to interest charge on late property tax payments Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1679 Rep. Cushing Realtive to RETT on certain business acquistions Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1682 Rep. Williams Procedures for foreclosure Commerce Monitor
HB 1685 Rep. Ohm Establishing a statutory commission on oversight of occupations ED&A Monitor
HB 1689 Rep. Byron Repealing the repeal of pollution prevention program Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1704 Rep. Murphy Requiring court costs to be paid to prevailing party Judiciary Monitor
HB 1710 Rep. Cahill Relative to rooms and meals/school building aid Ways & Means Monitor
HB 1715 Rep. Myler Relative to arbitrary rent increases in manufacturing parks Commerce Monitor
HB 1727 Rep. Messmer Monitoring PFCs in public water supplies Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1728 Rep. Marple Removing homestead exemption Municipal Monitor
HB 1737 Rep. McConnell Relative to permissable levels of MBTE in drinking water Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1759 Rep. Kurk Relative to drones ED&A Monitor
HB 1781 Rep. Almy Relative to condominiums with 10 or fewer residential units Commerce Support
HB 1797 Rep. McConnell Adding charge to amount assessed for clean-up of pollution Resource, Rec Monitor
HB 1817 Rep. Hennessey Relative to demographic information ED&A Monitor
HB 1818 Rep. Hoell Relative to penalties for certain occupational licensing violations ED&A Monitor*
SB 240 Sen. Innis Monitoring and testing of contaminated wells Public Municipal Monitor
SB 301 Sen. Bradley Temporary reduction of RETT Way and Means Support
SB 314 Sen. French Relative to licensure requirements for non-owner loans Commerce Monitor
SB 334 Sen. Kahn Relative to temporary licenses HHS Oppose
SB 339 Sen. Kahn Relative to voting by ZBAs Public Municipal Monitor
SB 401 Sen. Woodburn Relative to repair of roads not maintained by a municipality Transportation Support
SB 405 Sen. Sanborn Property tax exemption for long-term residents Way and Means Monitor
SB 412 Sen Giuda Relative to agritourism  Way and Means Monitor
SB 414 Sen. Birdsell Establishing a condo resolution board Commerce  Monitor
SB 415 Sen. Birdsell Relative to condo owners special meetings Commerce  Support
SB 419 Sen. Birdsell Relative to votes by condo associations Commerce  Monitor
SB 450 Sen. Bradley Est. Commission to study delegation of authority for NPDES Energy Monitor
SB 454 Sen. Fuller Clark Ambient water quality and perflourinated chemicals Energy Monitor
SB 459 Sen. Giuda Relative to reciprocity for real estate broker/salesperson licensure ED&A Monitor
SB 461 Sen. Carson Relative to continuing education for real estate licensees ED&A Support
SB 464 Sen. Carson Relative to procedures for driveway permits Transportation Support/card
SB 468 Sen. Daniels Relative to fines collected by DES Finance Oppose
SB 503 Sen. Gannon Increasing veterans tax credit Public Municipal Monitor
SB 504 Sen. Bradley Disposal of liens/tax deeded property by other than sealed bid Public Municipal Monitor
SB 509 Sen. Fuller Clark Allowing municipalities to require income for tax appraisals Public Municipal Oppose
SB 528 Sen. Bradley Relative to dams registration and construction fees Energy Monitor
SB 531 Sen. Reagan Relative to the office of professional licensing ED&A Monitor
SB 546 Sen. Sanborn Relative to purchasing alliances HHS Monitor
SB 557 Sen. Giuda Establishing a board of housing development Judiciary Support

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Joanie McIntire, 2024 President, New Hampshire REALTORS